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Registration Details

By registering you will create your personal account and get full access to the environment and tools available in the private area.

Registration is compulsory to access the services, is free and does not entail any obligation to purchase.


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By registering you will be able to:

Access the control panel

The control panel is the main interface of the private area and allows access to all sections and to all the site's features.

It is a tool that allows online management of the project, from both an administrative and operational viewpoint.

Comment on the ongoing work

All accounts are provided of a Discussion Panel for each new project.

Through the Discussion Panel you will be able to comment, in private, on the work in progress, leaving notes, explanations and uploading or downloading files useful to a better realization of the project.

Create new customized quotes

From your account you can create new quotes for your projects. The quotes are created directly by the user through a dedicated interface and they provide an immediate response on costs.

Upload and download files

Your account allows you to directly upload and download files from the site with no need of any external system.

Your files will be available for download for the duration of the work making it easier to handle the data.

Buy the services directly from the site

Our services can be purchased directly online with electronic payment.

Visa and MasterCard are enabled in each account. More payment options available depending on the Country.
All transactions are in Euros (€)

Download documents and invoices

The administrative documents and the invoices as well are available online and accessible from your personal account.

The documents remain available for at least six months after the conclusion of the work and can be printed directly from the site.

Why registration is required

Registration is required to access the services offered by the site. Such services imply the trasmission of project data and files that are considered confidential.
It is therefore necessary to uniquely and certainly identify every user who accesses to restricted areas.
The registration data are not used for promotional purposes without the express permission of the customer.

Registration is free

Registration as well as the use of the account are free.

Nothing will be charged for the use of the system, for the discussion of the project or for the creation of quotes.

What we charge

We only charge for the modeling and rendering services actually purchased.

From your account you can select the desired service and create a custom quote. The amount shown in the quote is the only cost that will be charged.

Duration and validity of the account

A properly used account is valid indefinitely.

In the following cases the account may be closed without further notice:

  • The account is used for purposes other than use of the offered services.
  • The account contains false or fraudulent data - including registration data.
  • The account is hacked with viruses, malicious programs or unwanted code.
  • The account remains unused for a period exceeding six months.


All data and information in the account are confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.

The private area is protected with appropriate security systems and the access to the account is allowed only to the holder with valid credentials.

The user is responsible for the proper storage of his access data.

Please fill the registration form to create your personal account.

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