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Rendering starting from 2d CAD

We also create renders starting from two-dimensional CAD drawings provided by the customer.

The service includes:

  • The creation of the 3d model - only for internal use.
  • The setup of materials, lights, and cameras
  • The placement of the accessories - optional
  • The joint revision of the images and the creation of the final renders.


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Configure your rendering

Configure your rendering and create an instant quote.

What is needed to start

In order to proceed we need to receive the following items:

  • 2d CAD drawings of a finished project in DWG or DXF format .
  • Description of materials and finishes in PDF or JPG format.

Once registered you can send the needed items directly from your account.

All the required material has to be sent before work starts.

Additional drawings

You can also send additional drawings to give us a more precise idea of the desired result.

They may include:

  • Additional images about materials or finishes.
  • Images with the framing you like.
  • Other renders you like.
  • Any item that could help to understand you project.

Please use PDF or JPG format.

What you will receive

For each project you will receive:

  • A detailed quote for your project.
  • Up to 3 medium resolution trial images per view.
  • Your HD renders at the agreed resolution.
  • Regular invoice for purchased services.

NOTE: the 3d model developed for the renders is meant only for internal use and will not be delivered.

initial drawings
materials description
final renders

Start by configuring your project.

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